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Punishments for illegally downloading music to be dependent on musical taste

24 November 2013

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Taoiseach Enda  Kenny stepped out of the shadows of his struggles with public speaking today to announce the introduction of new anti-piracy measures, combatting the illegal downloading of music on the internet. The measures, enacted in the wake of hordes of musicians and record company executives being slightly less well off than they previously were, […]

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Facebook lifts archaic ban on “beheading videos”

23 October 2013


There were scenes of unbridled jubilation at Facebook’s European HQ in Dublin late last night as months of tireless campaigning and lobbying resulted in a major step forward for free speech on the internet. From today, the ban on graphically violent videos on the social network will be lifted. This means open access for all […]

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Woman uploads picture to facebook, nobody says “Swit-swoo”

29 September 2013


Facebook experienced outages and delays today when one user uploaded a new photo to her Facebook profile and nobody left a “swit-swoo” comment underneath. Site loading times stalled worldwide as Facebook developers abandoned their posts in order to fix the issue. Facebook’s stock took a hit, dropping 6% as word about the bug spread. Facebook […]

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Julian Assange still stuck in queue for bathroom at Ecuadorian Embassy, describes queuing system as “lackadaisical at best”.

25 September 2013


Over two years after Wikileaks founder Julian Assange stopped by the Ecuadorian embassy in London to use the bathroom facilities, the 42 year-old Australian continues his vigil in the hopes that, one day, he will reach the head of the line. Speaking to The Empty Shirt this week in the wee hours of Monday morning […]

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“Sandwich” joke goes awry, leads to creation of satirical news website.

19 September 2013


The dangers of women attempting to do anything outside the kitchen were highlighted today as what started out as a light-hearted prank became serious. “URLs got involved” wept Sarah Garvey, a young woman from Galway. Ms. Garvey recounted how she had been browsing online when she boldly offered her opinion on something. “I don’t know […]

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