NUIG’s Legion of Mary Society sticks it to gay people

Written by Sarah Garvey

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There was a bit of a hubbub in the National University Of Ireland in Galway recently. The Legion of Mary Society (a Catholic group rather than a society for people named Mary, unfortunately) put up posters around the campus urging gay people to get in touch with them so they can help them pray away the gay.

The Legion, obviously understanding how difficult it can be for gay people in Ireland what with all the persecution from people like themselves, teamed up with an American-developed pro-abstinence programme from “Courage Ministries” and vowed to help gay people in distress stamp down the evil sexual desire within.

Utilising technology most people had forgotten existed, like Yahoo groups and Listserv, the group promises an easier future.

Courtesy – Michael Finn (Reddit – finnlizzy)

The group responded to suggestions that their meetup service might be an unintentional gay dating service with confusion.

Yahoo responded to the story with confusion as well, stating “Yahoo Groups? Are you serious?”.

Known for our wisdom and patience, The Empty Shirt prepared this statement on the matter. (Click for larger resolution).


BONUS ROUND – They have a 12-step recovery process, like Alcoholics Anonymous. That’s organised of them.

Update 4/12/13 – The Legion of Mary Society has been suspended by NUIG.


“NUI Galway has a pluralist ethos and will not condone the production and dissemination of any material by students which discriminates against other students. Discrimination or implied or direct harassment, on the basis of sexual orientation and /or religion, is contrary to Irish and European law.

The Vice-President for the Student Experience initiated a process of enquiry to review the actions of the Society in question in the context of the University code of conduct, the University policy on harassment and Irish and European equality law.

The University Societies Coordination Group met yesterday, Tuesday 3rd December, and suspended the Society named the NUIG Legion of Mary with immediate effect.
NUI Galway is committed to protecting the liberty and equality of all students and does not condone such behaviour”.

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  1. Eóin says:

    We got this

  2. john says:

    the legion of mary soceity is no longer listed on nuig societies page. i would like to believe it has been disbanded…

  3. Me says:

    I like the response leaflet….the original one was just…wow.

    I’m gay not broken!

  4. nc says:

    Hi Guys would it be possible to make contact to the peeps who own those images to republish?

    • Profile photo of Sarah Garvey Sarah Garvey says:

      I’ll email you the details about the first image, if that’s okay.

      I own the second “fake” image and you can use that freely, with credit given to me or The Empty Shirt.

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