Ryanair reveals controversial new website plans

Written by Sarah Garvey

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Ryanair, Ireland’s leading budget airline, has always been seen as a reliable provider of an incredibly complex website and booking procedure, using top gaming developers to create exciting “levels” for users to get through before they get to the eventual payout of being able to book a flight.

All that appears to be on the precipice of change, given a recent announcement made by Michael O’Leary. During the speech, he claimed that Ryanair will be reworking its website and that the new site will only require “5 clicks” by the user to book a flight, as opposed to the current 17.

Gaming enthusiasts registered their disappointment at the news on online message boards.

“I didn’t need to spend any money on video games. I would just go on Ryanair.com and try to price a flight or, if I knew I could set aside a few hours for a marathon session, try to book a flight”.

“I’ll miss the villains that you had to get past. Defeating the “add-ons” was exciting because it had real-life consequences. If I didn’t notice that the insurance add-on had already ticked its box, I would lose money. That would come out of my pizza fund”.

There were also complaints about the removal of the “captcha” feature, a security check in which the user must enter a series of numbers, letters and hieroglyphics displayed to them on-screen.

“It tested my eyesight and my creative typing skills. If I don’t practice typing π regularly, I might forget how to do it.”.

Doctors warn that removing this stimulus from everyday life could affect the general population’s dexterity and spacial awareness.

“It’s well documented that people who play video games regularly have faster reflexes and a greater awareness of the space around them. We worry that suddenly stopping this training may have devastating consequences” said some doctor.

Plans are being put in place to pad the walls and doors in public areas, in anticipation of hordes of people walking into them, their depth perception skewed by Ryanair’s more user-friendly website.

To sign the petition to reinstate Ryanair’s labyrinth-like website, please visit rally.org. Follow The Empty Shirt on Facebook for all the latest.



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  1. Blue Shirt/Brown Trousers says:

    Just another example of the dumbing down of society!

    Thankfully our masters in government are making stiff mental challenges available to the public.

    Fair play to the HSE for the Discretionary Medical Card Challenge. It’s their version of Darwinian survival of the fittest.

    SUSI are considering the awarding of automatic degrees to successful student grant applicants. If somebody can overcome the form filling, information providing and conflicting answering they can cope with life’s traumas.

    Above all, we should be grateful to Herr Noonan and Herr Enda for giving us the opportunity to challenge our collective blood pressure.

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