Berlusconi given extra-long time out for being extra bold

Written by Sarah Garvey

Topics: Europe News

Former Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, was given a two-year timeout in Italy today for being, as a judge described it, “very very bold”.

The toddler, who was not present for the judgement because it clashed with nap time, was accused of not playing nicely with the other children, stealing their toys and playing with children much younger than him.

This two-year timeout means that Berlusconi will be banned from playgroup and his position at the “Terrible Twos” club, of which he was chairman.

When asked to respond to the day’s events, Berlusconi said “NO. NO. WANT BUNGA BUNGAAAA” and began to keen loudly, throwing his toys out of his pram. He looked to others to retrieve them for him.

He was left alone with his toys, just out of reach.

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