Pope Francis forced to leave biker gang

Written by Sarah Garvey

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The Vatican announced the sale of the Pope’s Harley Davidson motorbike and biker jacket today, in what spectators are calling the final nail in the coffin of the Pope’s dreams to remain in his motorcycle gang, Heaven’s Angels.

Pope Francis has been under pressure to leave the gang for some time now, with the Vatican press office deeming it inappropriate given his title.

This will be a blow to the surprisingly well-liked Pope, who’s known to enjoy cruising around Rome on the Harley, which he affectionately refers to as his “Holy Davidson”.

“Nothing beats the feel of the wind in your hair and your robes” he said, after the press conference announcing the sale. “I’ll miss it. I thought it would be okay since the last guy was in the Hitler Youth. They were way more hard-core than the Heaven’s Angels. Instead of drive-bys we do divine-bys. We throw holy water, not bullets”.

The proceeds of the sale will help fund a local homeless charity. Meanwhile, the search continues for Pope Francis’ predecessor, Pope Benedict, who hasn’t been seen since he escaped Vatican city with a valuable throne under his arm. Antique dealers are urged to be on the look-out for the distinctive item as they believe Benedict may try to sell it to fund his holy wine habit.

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  1. Blue Shirt/Brown Trousers says:

    Frank was just carrying on a tradition started by his late boss JC who preferred a Triumph to a Harley.


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