Vatican shows off fruits of faith-based education, misspelling “Jesus” in commemorative coins

Written by Sarah Garvey

Topics: Europe News

The Vatican hit the headlines today after recalling commemorative coins celebrating Pope Francis’ first year as Pope.

The coins, which bear an inscription of the bible passage which inspired the Pope to enter the clergy, spell “Jesus” as “Lesus”.

When the error was pointed out, the Vatican insisted that it was intentional but relented and recalled the coins after public pressure.

“The Catholic Church has faced a lot of criticism in the past for appearing to discourage individual thought and creativity. The Vatican Council and Pope Francis sought to rectify this and launched a series of viral marketing efforts to spread the message that the Catholic Church is cool with difference. Some people might say Jesu, Jesus, or Isa. We say, why not Lesus?” said a Vatican spokesman.

When asked what  other marketing stunts the church has carried out, the spokesman pointed to the 2012 example of the so-called “potato Jesus” painting in Spain. What was originally reported as a botched painting restoration, was confirmed today as part of the Vatican’s creativity drive.

“We hope to see more modern art in the near future” said the Vatican spokesman.

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